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I called recently to get information on a saddle #, and both people who I talked to were very helpful!!! It's great to know what saddle I have (Canadiana)!
I found it in an estate sale it looked horrible, caked in dirt, the fleece was filthy, but the leather wasn't rotted, and the tree was fine. They had a price of $450 for a pkg with a breast collar, rotted neoprene chinch, a saddle pad, and a mismatched bridle, I talked them into selling just the saddle & breast collar for $300 and took it home.

8 hrs of scrubbing, then 3 days of almost pouring oil onto every inch twice a day, and eventually realized it wasn't a light colored saddle, it was Dark Walnut, and the breast collar matched the saddle! This saddle was obviously used at some point then just ignored and forgotten. Now with some serious TLC it's got a job again, it fits my Clydesdale cross mare and it's nice and comfy for me too!!!

So thanx again for the help finding out the info on the saddle and for making such a quality saddle. Not many would have withstood the neglect this one has!

Jennifer Peirson
Airdrie Alberta
Canadiana Western Rawhide
Canadiana Western Rawhide 
I just thought I'd email you and tell you that I think your saddles are amazing.. after searching for a saddle for almost a year to fit my gelding, I came across a western rawhide, and taking a chance to buy it in hopes that it Colorado Ranger 1399would fit my gelding, and to my surprise it did!.. not only did it fit him but it also fit my 2 other paints! I LOVE this saddle it looks good on any horse I put it on and also fits those narrow wither horses. I bought it middle of 08 and have been using it every 2nd day since I have gotten it.. and love how comfortable it is to ride in.. my ride's go from 2hr to 7hr and I never get stiff or sore.. and seem to be able to do just about anything in.. I think the lady who sold it to me called it an all round saddle.. and it seems to have that name for a reason!. I do a lot of trail riding... but have been doing reining in it as well, give you enough movement in the legs to get that sliding stop!. Only thing Colorado Ranger 1398I've had to change about the saddle was the stir ups as the ones that came with the saddle we're to narrow for my boots to sit in comfortably. I'm now in search of a second Western Rawhide saddle for when I have guest to entertain on horse back!. Thanks for making such a great product at an affordable price!.

Colorado Ranger.
15" seat No. 1398
16" seat No. 1399

Jan 8-2009

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for making such a beautiful, comfy saddle. I bought one of your saddles used Yesterday and I felt great improvement only after a few moments of riding in it.

You see the last 5 years or so i stopped riding, i got into miniature horses and owned one for a while and have been out of horses for a few years after that. But last summer I started riding again and had a real bad fall and somehow injured my pelvis. I started lessons again this spring, and what i thought was just getting used to riding pain was really pain caused by the saddle inflaming my old injury. It was getting to the point where it would be painful to drive myself home after riding and i would have pain for 5 or 6 days after riding. I was starting to think I may have to stop riding.

But that's when i found a Western Rawhide in the local tack shop's used saddles. Not only was it beautiful it fit me perfect. The real test was taking it out for a ride, I am very glad to say that i was able to drive myself home with no problems and now 24 hours after I'm still pain free! and i love my new (used) saddle i will keep it forever! and not only for that reason, I love that it is so light weight (I'm a small girl it can be hard for me to lift some of those big heavy western saddles), it's great for everyday riding and with a little more silver added to it i would be able to go to local show with it.

It is everything i want in a saddle and more. So thank you again, from myself and my family and friends who are very happy that I've found a saddle that lets me ride with out any pain.


I have a pony saddle of your production and it is a really good one. I would like to get some more.  It is hard to get saddles for ponies in a good quality in Germany !! And perhaps I need some more saddles for my horses. We own some Paint and Quarter Horses.

Germany Customer

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